Natural Skincare Products for Athletes

Spa scene with natural cosmeticsThe skin of an athlete or any active person is more exposed to natural elements than people with less active lives. For example, runners are constantly basked in the sun and wind. Swimmers are frequently soaked in the chlorinated waters of a swimming pool. Thus, athletes need special skincare products to help protect and rejuvenate their skin. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on skincare products like Imedeen tablets or expensive creams. The best ones for them are usually those that are made of natural ingredients.


For example, creams and cleansers with lavender extract are great because aside from being a natural disinfectant for wounds, burns, and chafed skin, they also provide relief from muscle aches and pain.


Peppermint hand-and-foot therapy creams and moisturizers are very refreshing, leaving the skin with a cool, fresh feeling. They work perfectly well in relieving an athlete’s hands and feet, which are often chafed or irritated.


Shampoos with rosemary are also popular among athletes. They are natural antioxidants, which protect the scalp from free radicals. They also contain essential oils that help promote hair hydration and growth.


To soothe tired, aching feet after a long day’s run, athletes use foot scrubs with eucalyptus oils. Because much of their skin is exposed to harsh elements for a long time, many athletes suffer body acne. To combat this, they use lotions and creams with tea tree oil, which has essential elements to fight acne and body blemishes.


Athletes, although they sweat a lot, need to exfoliate their skin to get rid of dead skin cells. Body scrubs with jojoba oil sloughs off dead skin cells, making the skin radiant.

Aloe vera

Products that contain aloe vera are also very popular with athletes. Aloe vera is an effective treatment for sunburn and other skin irritations.

So if you are an athlete, be sure to have a cache of these natural skin-care products. Although Imedeen can help greatly improve your skin from the inside out don’t forget to look after it externally too.

A Massage Therapy Testimonial By Tom Walker

bowenAs a massage therapist, I have worked with Tom Walker since the spring of 2004. He has received a variety of bodywork to help with recover from training runs, prepare for events, and overcome lingering discomforts.

Tom Walker is a professional distance runner. He completed the 2003 Boston Marathon. Tom also finished 2nd at the USA Half-Marathon Championships held in August, 2003, with a finishing time of 1:09:45.

Tom integrates massage therapy with chiropractic care and physical therapy received from other professionals.

Tom Walker, Elite, Professional Runner , Hip pain, foot pain, ankle pain

The Testimonial

When searching the Internet for a massage therapist, I got lucky. I found a good one. Through his use of Bowen therapy, I’ve seen one of the greatest athletic years of my career.

What separates Bowen from all the other work I’ve received over the years is the gentle, yet effective nature of it’s healing power. For example, within days of completing the Boston Marathon, I could actually walk down a flight of stairs!

Through Bowen’s less evasive quality, he was able to flush out my muscles without causing any more cellular damage to my Boston-beat quadriceps. That’s why Bowen is tailored made for the pounding we runner’s put our bodies through.

Thanks again for helping me get back to the top of my running game!Your willingness to assess each of my ailments with an open mind, coupled with your knowledge of various techniques of sports massage, is your greatest asset. For example, my chronic hip soreness has gradually subsided over the Winter months and I think your combination of trigger point therapy together with Bowen helped reverse the problem.

I offer my clients either stand-alone or integrated Bowen Therapy sessions, depending upon their desires and objectives.

Time Is Crucial To Massage’s Gains For Neck Pain: Study

relax massage“Individuals with back and neck pain are not generally met in what they get from their physician, so that they are looking around for something which works,” Sherman described. Preceding studies of massage for neck pain have generated inconsistent effects, so Sherman’s team made a decision to look nearer.

Specially, they desired to discover what dose of massage is perfect. In an earlier study, Sherman had found that gains of massage were clear after four weeks.

Massage Therapy; A Modern Day Requirement

These lessons need science areas on human anatomy, physiology; pathology and kinesiology together with coursework in both Eastern and Western massage therapy techniques. It entails extensive on the job training on various customers including developmentally handicapped, seniors and youngsters done in a real life setting. Program additionally necessitates integration of professional communication abilities, ethos and company abilities in training for the pupils to eventually become professionals. Company Diversion Wellness health spa has wide-ranging menu of massages, scrubs and facials services directed towards people and groups equally.

The wellness traditions prompted Health Spa to start these services to handle customers demands to get a youthful look and amount, practicing on hair reduction, cellulite reduction, body contouring, as well as skin tightening treatments to identify some. Calgary Chiropractic at Acadia Wellness Centre Welcomes New Staff MembersHe says, “I observed as my dad endured from pain and deteriorating well-being caused by extreme physical work. This experience inspired me to seek a vocation in massage therapy, where I will bring relief to people in pain.”

Massage Therapist For Olympic Ski Jumpers Did Her Part For Team Usa

massagetherapy45These lessons need science areas on human anatomy, physiology; pathology and kinesiology together with coursework in both Eastern and Western massage therapy techniques. It entails extensive on the job training on various customers including developmentally handicapped, seniors and youngsters done in a real life setting.

Program additionally necessitates integration of professional communication abilities, ethos and company abilities in training for the pupils to eventually become professionals. Company Diversion Wellness health spa has wide-ranging menu of massages, scrubs and facials services directed towards people and groups equally.

Their practices are open weekends and week nights with accredited massage therapists easily obtainable. In order to feel wonderful when its suitable for you personally. Massage Envy totally affordable, constantly handy and totally healthy.

I could adopt the impression of being there, see the sights and meet the folks, once I understood how amazing it was. Botsford said she found the folks to be friendly and rather welcoming. There was a goodwill feeling wherever you went. I made new friends and felt good about being there, she said, including she now has a new Russian Facebook pal.

Massage Therapy Fashions And Health Benefits

rp_massagetherapy40-150x150.jpgHaving returned from Russia, matters haven’t slowed down at her practice, as she just had a couple minutes between appointments to talk to some Beacon reporter about her encounter on the different phase of the planet. Botsford disclosed she was initially nervous about going to Russia, given several of the adverse publicity that preceded the Games and the travelling alarms, but she soon found out she’d nothing to concern yourself with once she arrived.

The travelling alarms were disconcerting, but the amount of security was unlike anything I’ve seen, she said. You didn’t need to look for security; present, they were there to shield us and they were there. Botsford said vehicles and buses were screened before entering Olympic sites and she said the degree of Russian security detail was similar from what you see at airports. We took a train daily; the train security was too methodical, she said.

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Asian Massage Therapy

A massage can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. You should ask yourself a question, before you’re able to choose which massage fashion is right for you personally. Would you just need a massage for relaxation and tension management? Or does one want symptom aid or help with a specific health state? Before booking a massage, permit the therapist know very well everything you are searching for and inquire which style the therapist uses.

The History Of Ida P. Rolf

idabIda P. Rolf, a native New Yorker, graduated from Barnard College in 1916; and in 1920 she earned a Ph.D. in biological chemistry from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. For the next twelve years Ida Rolf worked at the Rockefeller Institute, first in the Department of Chemotherapy and later in the Department of Organic Chemistry. Eventually, she rose to the rank of Associate, no small achievement for a young woman in those days.

Ida P. Rolf, PhDIn 1927, she took a leave of absence from her work to study mathematics and atomic physics at the Swiss Technical University in Zurich. During this time, she also studied homeopathic medicine in Geneva.

Returning from Europe, she spent the decade of the 1930’s seeking answers to personal and family health problems. Medical treatment available at that time seemed inadequate to her; this led to her exploration of osteopathy, chiropractic medicine, yoga, the Alexander technique and Korzybski’s work on states of consciousness.

By the 1940’s, she was working in a Manhattan apartment where her schedule was filled with people seeking help. She was committed to the scientific point of view, and yet many breakthroughs came intuitively through the work she did with chronically disabled persons unable to find help elsewhere. This was the work eventually to be known as Structural Integration. For the next thirty years, Ida Rolf devoted herself to developing her technique and training programs.

During the 1950’s, her reputation spread to England where she spent summers as a guest of John Bennett, a prominent mystic and student of Gurdjieff. Then, in the mid-60’s, Dr. Rolf was invited to Esalen Institute in California at the suggestion of Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy. There she began training practitioners and instructors of Structural Integration.

The more Structural Integration classes Ida Rolf taught, the more students sought admission to training. Newspaper and magazine articles began featuring the person and work of Ida Rolf, and soon the necessity for a formal organization became apparent. As early as 1967, the first Guild for Structural Integration was loosely formed and eventually headquartered in a private home in Boulder, Colorado.

idaaUntil her death in 1979, Ida Rolf actively advanced training classes, giving direction to her organization, planning research projects, writing, publishing and public speaking. In 1977, she wrote Rolfing: The Integration of Human Structures (Harper and Row, Publishers). This book is the major written statement of Ida P. Rolf’s scholastic and experiential investigation into the direct intervention with the evolution of the human species.

Another book compiled by Dr. Rolf’s close associate and companion: Rosemary Feitis, is Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality. It is truly a jewel: giving us insights into Dr. Rolf’s unique and incredible mind.


Remedial Sports Therapy Ideal to Athletes

A lot of cases in sports involve an athlete who suffers from various kinds of injuries in which some are often nagging and gives discomfort to them. Sports especially those contact ones are known to be physical and with sports such as basketball, football and soccer getting injured is a part of it. It is unavoidable to some degree because in contact sports physicality is a key ingredient to it. When one suffers to an injury that physical sports causes, chances are you have to get rehab on it or therapy.

There are actually specific therapies for athletes in which a club or a team offers a medical team that will guide you through it. It is to some degree that Remedial Sports Therapy is being practiced. This kind of therapy is different from other kinds of therapy because Remedial Sports Therapy focuses on deep tissue works and activities, in which involves more activities and less on the relaxation aspect of it. It is because that with repetitions and activities the healing factor is faster because the focus is more on activity and repetitions.

A lot of people have been inclined to work on Remedial Sports Therapy even if they aren’t athletes, because sometimes people who suffer from an injury due to work or everyday accounts have turn into Remedial Sports Therapy to have a faster and better results on the progress of their injury. When one has been injured due to a physical contact or accident, the tendency of the injury may differ on its progress, so this therapy have been organize to fully focus on the injury and the cause of it, trying to find and work on the root of the injury.

For top level competition in sports, Remedial Sports Therapy is used as a training regime, in which the massage from it helps the athletes attain a higher level of their performance or better yet decrease the risk of injury by strengthen the joints and tissues that is often injured at contact sports.

One of the most common sports injuries are the over-used ones, in which muscles or tissues that has been stressed out from the fact that it is always used. The main idea of the therapist is to locate this over used injuries to prevent more serious injuries and heal those who have minor ones. It is mostly performed on training so that the idea is to begin the upcoming events prepared and injury free.

The good points of Remedial Sports Therapy is that it helps the circulation of blood and helps the tissues to be strengthen and cells be in right places as you go through. The massage often speeds up the recovery of an injury caused by the physical grinds of the sport; it also identifies the other hidden injuries that may occur on the daily basis. Overall the therapy is ideal to athletes and for some who wants fast recovery on injuries. The massage also allows you to avoid discomfort and decrease the risk of having more injuries.

Treat Yourself with Facial Massage

massagetherapy22In recent reports that have been made throughout, it has been an important factor to give attention to our face because not only it handles our physical appearance it also is a recipient of various stress and pressure due to the overwhelming activities we do everyday. In reality, our face gets more stress because it is exposed to pollution and stress. There 80% of stress-carrying pollution in the air alone, so your face is vulnerable to it most of the time.

Pressure is one of the main cause of facial stress, because it is always exposed in open air, we have no choice but to receive the polluted air or the dirt and other negative standards that is thrown at us, the result our face gets damage from it, our face often becomes oily, pimples starts to show up and facial muscle pains begins to be one of our problems, in that case we should know better, because we don’t have a necessary shield to it, we should be able to take care of our face in such way that we know we can benefit to it.

Facial Massage has been big over the years because it boasts a lot of help to us. There are a lot of Facial Massages that are available, it depends really on what our face needs, and there are speciality stores in which we can buy some lotions or oils that can be applicable to our face once we are in facial therapy. It has to be appropriate to what we need and if we are enduring some facial pains in must be able to heal it. Almost everyday we endure a lot, not if you wear protective mask you might be an exception, but in general our face does receives a lot. Facial Massages that are available are good options for us to have.

It is not everyday that we encounter such relaxation and stress-relieving satisfaction so we need to at least try and give ourselves a revealing experience. Most people thinks that having Facial Massage is just another expensive way to treat ourselves, that can be wrong, spending a few bucks on facial spas can be a good investment. For once it can really give you the necessary healing to whatever ailments you have on your face, the relaxation is priceless; your face is pampered in a way that can really be a great experience afterwards.

So what I am explaining is simply the good way to protect your face from the stress of everyday work, or even heal it from whatever harm that your face endured throughout the years. Number one cause of stress is probably germs and also it stems on a lot of variety once you’ve taken it for granted. Don’t be too critical and give it a shot, it is a rewarding experience and can give you a lot in return. Our face needs care, it needs more than just a rinse or application of creams, it needs to have a hands on experience in which Facial Massage offers with a great outcome.

Body Massage Therapy Benefits for Complete Rejuvenation

massagetherapy28What could be your reason for opting for a body massage therapy? Is it to relax your sore muscles after hectic day at work or do you swear by the healing powers of this therapy to ease out all stress and tensions. Well this and much more can be achieved by taking benefits of the full body massage.

Modern lifestyle brings with it many perils. We are under constant stress to perform beyond expectations, which leads to many health hazards like depression, hypertension, obesity and diabetes. By going for regular body massage therapy you can increase your fitness level and say goodbye to tension and stress.

Benefits of full body massage can be experienced by opting for this therapy at least once a week. Body massage therapy involves gentle strokes to loosen out the muscles of the entire body starting from head tip to your toe. Gently kneading, wringing and pulling of your body muscles relax them as the masseuse hands gently glides through your body. Following are the main benefits of the full body massage:-

  • If pain and fatigue have become your constant companion than body massage therapy should be adopted at the earliest to relax your body and make it stress free. This proves to be extremely effective for treating insomnia. Body massage therapy helps in releasing endorphin hormone that stops the brain from issuing pain signals thereby helping in curing injuries and also depression. Endorphins are considered to be natural analgesic hence benefits of full body massage could also be experience by persons recovering from operations.
  • Body massage therapy has also proved to be effective in treating eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. This has also proved to be effective in treating autism in small children.
  • Suffering from constant headaches and body pains or recovering after an injury, body massage therapy can help you gain strength as it helps in improving the blood circulation which is vital for repairing damaged tissues. But remember to take your prescribed medication as massage can assist you in getting faster but cannot be a total substitute for doctor’s prescription.
  • As body massage therapy helps in better blood flow, it also helps in balancing the hormonal levels thereby proving to be extremely effective in curing diseases like diabetes and also infertility. Full body massage therapy is also recommended for expectant mothers as it is believed to reduce labor pains and assists in easy deliveries.
  • Body massage therapy has proved to be extremely effective in treating chronic backaches and other spinal cord problems.
  • Other benefits of body massage includes better immune system, accelerated recovery, increased agility and flexibility, relaxed muscles which results in reduced pains and cramps.

Patients suffering from skin diseases or infection and heart patients should always consult their physicians before opting for body massage therapy. So increase your mobility, overcome depression and enjoy increased fitness by taking advantage of benefits of full body massage.

How Safe Is Acupuncture Therapy

acupunctureIf the thought of very fine needles inserted in your head and feet scares you, think again as these painless needle pricks can actually help you get rid of various disorders like hypertension, diabetes and even alopecia. Acupuncture, the ancient oriental technique is believed to have been accidentally discovered 5000 years ago by wounded soldiers in China. These soldier hurt by arrow experienced sudden relief which led to the discovery of acupressure points lying on the 12 energy paths known as the meridians.

Acupuncture alternative pain relief therapy is based on the belief that in order to enjoy perfect physical and mental health it is essential to have a energy balance in a person’s body. There should be a free flow of this vital energy through every body part and any blockage to this energy flow can result in ill health. This flow can be corrected by inserting very thin filiform needles on appropriate acupuncture points located in our head, ears and feet.

This alternative pain relief therapy is perfectly safe as no chemicals are introduced in the human body and the needle prick is not painful at these needles are not even one tenth the size of the human hair. Acupuncture therapy has proved to be extremely beneficial in curing all kinds of aches and pains and the main reason behind it is that the needle insertion simulates greater production of natural analgesic known as endorphin. Also alternative pain relief therapy works by triggering the energy centres located at various parts of the human body which results in energy balancing thereby reducing pain and inflammation.

Alternative pain relief therapy of acupuncture is extremely safe and risk free as compared to other treatment methodologies, however certain precautions can be taken to avoid any adverse effects:

As needles are used in acupuncture, take care that always disposable needles or fully sterilized needles should be used for treatment.

Also check the credentials of the acupuncturist who is going to administer the therapy. Check whether the acupuncturist is a registered practitioner and you can even ask for clients’ references before starting with your treatment.

Acupuncture also doesn’t have any major side effects, a research conducted on 3500 acupuncture patients reveal that a minor bleeding while inserting or removing needles were observed in less than 3% cases. Hematoma or bruises were observed in 2% and mild dizziness was observed in just 1% cases which speak in volume about the safety and effectiveness of this procedure.

Unlike other alternative pain relief therapy acupuncture is not addictive and after attaining proper health a person can discontinue with the treatment without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms unlike conventional medicines. The treatment technique doesn’t require any kind of a surgery for healing and hence the procedure is extremely safe.

So enjoy the goodness of this alternative pain relief therapy that is safe and also extremely cost effective.